Our Sister Site

New Naturals Organic Spices was begun in 2015 by Gary’s mother, Helene Wallis. In 2018, Gary and Laura became joint owners with Helene, and the company has now moved to the family farm in Suffolk, Virginia.

New Naturals imports and sells traditional Indian spices, such as turmeric, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon and ginger, spices with healthful benefits as well as great taste. We’d love to grow these ourselves, but these particular ones are tropical plants that don’t grow well in our zone. However, many other spices with therapeutic benefits do grow in temperate zones, and we spent part of this past year trialing varieties of those. We expect to be able to offer Krishna tulsi (also known as ‘Holy Basil’), ashwangandha, fenugreek and several others, grown right here in eastern Virginia.

New Naturals sells other culinary spices, as well–cardamom, fennel, cumin, nutmeg and others. We also sell several spice blends, including a wonderfully fragrant and tasty Masala Chai (and it’s a genuine traditional Indian masala chai, not one of the commercialized imitations). We sell kits to make Golden Paste, developed and popularized by the Australian vet, Dr. Doug English, and now known worldwide. We also sell Doug’s own turmeric products–tasty shelf-stable turmeric bars for us human folk, and turmeric Dog Bites for our pets.

Come on over and checks us out! And for the latest news, follow the New Naturals Facebook page and our own turmeric group, Turmeric For All.