About us

5and2 Farms is a family-owned and operated seedling nursery and fresh produce farm. Founded as Ellington Everything Seedlings in 2014, we will soon be expanding into a working produce farm. Farm acreage has been purchased in Suffolk, Virginia, and we’re busy getting plants into the ground!

Our founder and leader  is from a long line of gardeners and farmers. We are a Christian family that enjoys growing for ourselves, our friends, and our community. If there is something you would like to grow that you do not see in our shop, then please either give us a call or email your request and we will be happy to do our best for you.

5and2 is dedicated to preserving our natural world. From our first day of business, we have been committed to growing only all-organic plants. We use NO chemical pesticides or herbicides in our nursery. We encourage our gardeners to re-use or re-cycle our pots, trays, and 3-pack containers.  If you cannot find ANY use for them after you take the plants out, either return them to us or recycle them through your city’s curbside recycling program.  Whatever you do, please don’t send them to a landfill.