Rosemary Fields

Rosemary cuttings

Some of the hundreds of rosemary cuttings currently rooting, for next season’s new plants. Are these not the healthiest looking rosemary plants you’ve ever seen! We will have live rosemary plants for sale, as well as both dehydrated rosemary powder and rosemary pieces.

At our booth in the Suffolk, Virginia, farmers market, you’ll also find rosemary infused vinegar and rosemary infused oils. We haven’t decided yet whether or not to offer the oils and vinegars online, because of the problem of glass breakage in transit.

These cuttings are the Arp variety, which is cold-resistant and grows very well in Tidewater, Virginia. We will be trialing other varieties as well to see how they do here.

We’re still harvesting peas and collards, as well as the last few tomatoes, and saving seed for next year’s crops. It’s an exciting time as we watch the company grow.